Looking back on an amazing TRR2023

There were 129 participations from 11 countries: Germany, Switzerland, Romania, Finland, Norway, Canada, Sweden, Estonia, Belgium, the Netherlands and even from Iran. On the program we had all kind of competitions:

  • Allround Big
  • Allround Normal
  • Allround Small
  • Sprint
  • And the single distances: 3.000m, 5.000m and 10.000m

During both days there were skated no fewer than 278 season bests and 121 personal bests! So many thanks to the ice masters who made a perfect ice floor for our skaters. All the more so because many world records were also set: 12 distance records and 8 points records.

On Wednesday, the first five IMSSC world records were broken by:

  • Ole Bjørnsmoen Næss (M30): 6.37,01 on 5.000m
  • Robert Wierts (M45): 14.17,87 on 10.000m
  • Martin Hänggi (M55): 6.44,03 on 5.000m
  • John van der Vlugt (M65): 7.41,82 on 5.000m
  • Guylaine Larouche (L65): 8.47,36 on 5.000m

On Thursday, the next seven IMSSC world records were broken by:

  • Martin Hänggi (M55): 1.56,70 on 1.500m
  • Imme Kampen (L40): 8.16,73 on 5.000m
  • Ciska Stark (L60): 18.19,47 on 10.000m
  • Guylaine Larouche (L65): 18.21,04 on 10.000m
  • John van der Vlugt (M65): 15.48,35 on 10.000m
  • Ole Bjørnsmoen Næss (M30): 13.40,47 on 10.000m
  • Martin Hänggi (M55): 13.51,84 on 10.000m

And finally, the next new points world records were set:

  • Ciska Stark (L60): 207.005 on Allround Big
  • Guylaine Larouche (L65): 207.458 on Allround Big
  • Tialda Gerritsma (L55): 213.725 on Allround Big
  • Daniëlle Frijters (L30): 220.865 on Allround Big
  • Ole Bjørnsmoen Næss (M30): 158.809 on Allround Big
  • Martin Hänggi (M55): 161.175 on Allround Big
  • John van der Vlugt (M65): 183.355 on Allround Big
  • Imme Kampen (L40): 190.431 on Allround Normal

Congratulations to all participants with all the great times, SB’s, PB’s and WR’s!!
Next to the great races, there was a super atmosphere with a lot of skating friends enjoying together.
Thanks to all jury, referees, starters and participants for this great closing event of the season. See you next season!

All results you can find on our TRR2023-website.

Author: Monique Vergeer

Start of the 500m with Ralf Hartings (SWE-M65) and Jaap van Kouterik (NED-M70)

Michiel Wienese (NED-M40) and Filip-Mihail Woicik (ROU-M40)

Guylaine Larouche (CAN-L65) and Ciska Stark (NED-L60) after their world records on the 10.000m

Tialda Gerritsma (NED-L55) and Daniëlle Frijters (NED-L30) proud of their WR’s

Ole Bjørnsmoen Næss (NED-M30) skating his 10.000m

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