Kanneworff and Verdouw win DMC 2022-2023

The final match of the Dutch Masters Cup turned the entire stage of the intermediate classification upside down! Except for the number one: Mijke Kanneworff and Kees Verdouw were firmly in the lead, and also kept there positions!
The Dutch Masters Cup is all about getting as close as possible to the world record in your own age category. This is expressed as a percentage compared to  the world record of the previous season.  Breaking a world record means 75 bonus points extra.

Women: Monique Boerema wins the final
Eighteen ladies participated in the third and final competition for the Dutch Masters Cup that took place in Thialf, Heerenveen. Monique Boerema (L60) won this final by approaching by 99,52% the world record with her 1.000m time of 1:32.99, with 1:32.54 in the name of the Russian Tatyana Epaneshnikova. With this she earned not the normal 100 points, but the 150 points associated with this final DMC-race.
Mijke Kanneworff strengthened her position in the lead by finishing second and earning 120 points this evening. With her fast 41.58 she approached  the  world record in the L35 (41.00) with 98.61%.  
Thea Kroontje came in third place this evening due to a strong 1.500 m. With 2:46.70 in the L75(!) she set 97.01% of the world record. The owns this record of 2:41.72 that she skated in February last year. Thea earned 105 points with this result.

Women’s final standings turned upside down
With 270 points in total, Mijke Kanneworff received, at the end of the evening the  trophy and the € 100 euro voucher provided by DMC sponsor Jan van der Hoorn Schaatssport.
This evening’s win earned Monique Boerema a total number of points of 240, with which she managed to rise from sixth place in the intermediate classification to second place in the final classification.
With her 205 points, Thea Kroontje went home with the cup for the third place and corresponding voucher.

 It is good to mention that the numbers 2 and 3 of the intermediate classification after DMC-2 emerged from the top three after this final. Anke Jannie Landman, who was second, unfortunately had to withdraw at the last minute and could not defend her podium place.  Kaska Rogulska, the number 3 of the intermediate classification, finished fourth in the final and this was also her place in the final classification with 200 total points.  Lettie Zwanenburg became 5th.

  1. Mijke Kanneworff (L35): 270
  2. Monique Boerema (L60): 230
  3. Thea Crown (L75): 205
  4. Kaska Rogulska (L50): 200
  5. Lettie Zwanenburg (L60): 135

John van der Vlugt skated very close to the world record|
It was also a surprising evening for the male masters. This was mainly due to the very last race of the evening. Unfortunately John just failed to set a new world record, but his very flat race did resulted in the win of the evening: John van der Vlugt (M65) approached with  his time of  7:47.62 in the 5 K, the world record in the M65 with 99,17%, which since 2017 with 7:43.72 is held by the Russian Sergey Mazein. John earned the 150 points this evening.
Victor van den Hoff, this season present at the Dutch Masters Cup for the first time, came with his 2:07.71 to 98,81% of the world record, also in the M65. This record is also been held by Russian Sergey Mazein since 2016, with a time of 2:06.19. Victor earned 120 points.
Bart Seffinga was also present again and skated with his 1.000m time to third place of the evening. With his 1:16.28 he set 97,71% of the world record in M40 category that has been held by the American Brian Boudreau, skated in Salt Lake City in 2010. Bart took the 105 points for third place of the evening.

Men’s final victory to Kees Verdouw
Despite the fact that Kees was not among the first three of the classification of this final race, he still managed to win the final classification due to his leading position of DMC-I and DMC-II. With not less than 290 points, he took the victory.John van der Vlugt, who was only 11th in the intermediate classification after the first two races, did good business with his victory of the evening and raced to the second place in the final classification with 200 points.
Bart Seffinga, who hasn’t skated in DMC-II, also won the bronze medal for the final classification with his third place this evening. With 185 points, he referred Jeroen Schoppink and Jan Mein next to the podium, who were still in 2nd and 3rd place in the intermediate classification.
The men’s final standings:

  1. Kees Verdouw (M75): 290
  2. John van der Vlugt (M65): 200
  3. Bart Seffinga M40): 185
  4. Jeroen Schoppink (M35): 182
  5. Jan Mein (M65): 174

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Final classification DMC 2022-2023 women

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Sports photographer Harry van ‘t Veld took plenty of beautiful photos during this final of the Dutch Masters Cup.
The most beautiful images can be found via: . You can use the photos freely. Nice, of course, if you mention his name. And if you want a photo in high resolution, send an email to Harry.
Harry, thank you for your beautiful images!

Sponsor DMC 2022-2023: Jan van der Hoorn Skating
Just like last season, Jan van der Hoorn Schaatssport from Ter Aar has  also found himself willing to sponsor the Dutch Masters Cup. In addition to the cups, there were also beautiful vouchers for both the first three ladies and the first three men that can be spent in the shop of Jan van der Hoorn Schaatssport. Thank you, Rick, for providing these nice vouchers!

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