Record List 2023

We are thrilled to share the release of the official 2023 long-track records list, approved by the IMSSC Board, following the successful 46th session held in Inzell. This season has been nothing short of extraordinary, with a remarkable increase in the number of record-breaking achievements compared to 2022. In total, an impressive 49 records have been shattered, with 10 records set by male athletes and an incredible 38 records set by their female counterparts. Our heartfelt congratulations go out to all the exceptional athletes who have pushed the boundaries of their performance!

On Nov. 7th 2023 we also received and processed ST records stated during MIST Games in April 2023. The event followed IMSSC rules and regulations, so records are recognized.

As customary, the LT Record Lists 2023 are available in two different formats: a list organized by age group (AG) and a list categorized by distance/race, along with a summary of the newly established records. For ST there’s just a single list file. You can access the downloadable PDF documents below.

Check a few LT stats, after the file links.

Short-track  23RECL-ST_IMSSC-Record-List-2023.pdf

Count by country:

  • NED : 12
  • CAN : 5
  • USA : 5
  • GER : 3
  • RUS : 3
  • SUI : 2
  • NOR : 2

Count by Event:

  • 31st Masters Allround Games : 6
  • Event: 28th International Masters’ Sprint Games : 3
  • Event: 14th Masters International Sprint Games : 6
  • Event: Kolomna Ice 2023 : 3
  • Event: 3rd International Masters’ Thialf Record Races 2023 : 7

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